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Celebrity chef and TV personality was so impressed with Jian's dumplings that he put her through to the finals of his foodie show - The F Word. He famously said they were the best he had ever tasted.
And Gordon, never known to mince his words, always says what he means. In fact, he said they were delicious - with a little expletive in there!
Established in 1998, we are a fully accredited large scale manufacturer of authentic jiao zi (boiling dumplings), guo tie (frying dumplings), noodles, chicken wings and pork ribs in the dong bei style from mainland north eastern China.
And now Jian wants you to be able to enjoy these dumplings and many more dishes in the comfort of your home.
All you have to do is order from OUR PRODUCTS page!
We know you will enjoy our food - and as always welcome your feedback. Plus we want to know how we can help you further.
For instance... what dishes would you like to be able to order and serve at home?

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The Western public is gradually discovering this delicious varieties of dumplings, which have been popular in China for over a thousand years.

This style of food has proved popular and successful in our award-winning restaurant, Chop Chop in Edinburgh, where we have attracted the loyalty of over 20,000 members in the last few years.

This is just the start. Sold in their billions in supermarkets in China, dumplings are amongst China's favourite foods and their journey in the West has only just begun.

Our products are authentic, healthy, delicious, and multiple award-winning. Please see Our Story and Product Page for more information.  

All our products are produced in our food safe SALSA accredited facility based in Loanhead, Edinburgh.

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28 Dryden Road, Bilston Glen Industrial Estate
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